Embrace your Happiness (2020)

Ji-Young Kim
Блеф, Карточная, Дедукция, Обучающие
Ролевая игра, Сторителлинг, Голосование
Время игры
20 — 30 мин
Количество игроков
3 — 6
Возраст игроков

Описание «Embrace your Happiness»

Embrace Your Happiness is a board game that helps you explore the happiness of yourself and others through a game.
When you know when you’re happy and how you feel when you’re happy, you won’t just wait for it, but you would actively pursue your happiness.
I invite you to this wonderful experience of discovering the happiness of you and others through Embrace your happiness.

Components are all Cards, 50 "Happiness plug" cards, 40 "Happiness on" cards, 12 "you and me" cards, 6 "you're the one" cards, 6 "help me" cards, 20 "Happiness phrase" cards, and 100 sheets.

There are two types of gameplay. The first one is the deduction game. It's a game that players guess when other players feel happy by asking questions.
Drafting "Happiness plug" cards should be three in each player's hand and all "Happiness on" cards should be open and placed on the table can see. Each player put one of their "Happiness plug" cards on the table and choose the one "Happiness on" card. After choosing the "Happiness on" card, shuffle the "Happiness plug" cards that on the table and flip all cards, and placed like a Dixit.
All players can ask the other players with their "Happiness on" card. The question should be yes or no. Only have one opportunity to ask a question. After this conversation, all players start to guess and write the name and "Happiness plug" card with matching. For every correct guess a player made, get 3 points. After 3 rounds, the game is finished. The player who got the highest point will be a winner.

The second gameplay is storytelling. It's a game that players suggest to other players the best way for them to regain the happiness they've been missing recently.
All player chooses two of the "Happiness on" cards and places the front of the player. Make a pile of "Happiness plug" cards and open the top 8 cards on the table. The start player begins to talk about their bad feeling situation with one of the "Happiness on" card. After finish the talk, the others start to give a solution with one of the "Happiness plug" cards. After all players' suggestions finished, the start player chooses the best suggestion and gives the "help me" card to the player who gives the best solution and that card is going to be 3 points. When every player gives the "help me" card to another player, the game is done. The player who has the highest score will be a winner.