Mole King (2020)

Авторы ещё не указаны (добавить)
Животные, Детская, Строительство
Контроль территории, Карты на руках, Шаблоны, Размещение тайлов
Время игры
15 — 25 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 4
Возраст игроков

Описание «Mole King»

Mole king has a story that finds the greatest mole king.

The ‘mole kings’ of each country that govern peaceful mole kingdoms. One day, they heard a rumor about a land full of gold and silver, and they went on a journey to find the land of gold. As if they had made such a promise, the ‘mole kings’ of each country have gathered on the land of gold. You become a ‘mole king’ to drive out other kingdoms and occupy the land of gold. Who will take over the land of gold and become the best ‘mole king’!

Cute artwork with components and easy tile placement is the strength of this game.

Components are 61 Cards, 20 Gold&Silver tokens, 4 Makers, and 4 Quick reference Cards.

Game Setup, each player takes their color's cards(15), 1 gold token, and 1 reference card. All players flip the reference card to the other side then see the brown border that player has become the start player.
All players draw 4 cards from the deck and place the starting card in the middle of the table.

Gameplay action has only 6 steps.

  1. Return: Take the maker that the player placed in the previous round back to the player's hand.
  1. Placement: Select a card from hand and placed it. Do not place it diagonally.
  1. Acquisition: If the player overlapped card, then gain a silver token per each section overlapped.
  1. Payment: Each Player can get an extra turn by paying 1 gold or 4 silver. After the payment, each player can do step2, and 3 one more time.
  1. Preoccupancy: This last action of the turn. Players can place their maker on the card that the latest place. It doesn't have to be placed on top of your own mole.
  1. Replenishment: After finish, all actions, draw cards from the player's hand to replenish the player's hand back to four.

End of the Game, When a player uses all of their cards, the other players can no longer cover up the sections occupied by any moles as they play their cards, and the game will be continued to play until the last player takes a turn(like a Splender). The player who succeeded in securing the most mole of their player color becomes the winner.