Nooblings (2023)

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Приключения, Карточная, Фэнтези, Сражения, Средневековые, Мифология
Бросание кубиков, События, Ролевая игра, Делай и двигай, Торговля, Предательство, Переменная сила игроков
Время игры
30 — 90 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 6
Возраст игроков

Описание «Nooblings»

The King is in search of a new Champion of the realm!

Take on the role of challengers vying for the title of Champion and defeat the other players to prove you are worthy!

Players must select a class, each with their own unique abilities. The classes are:
- Knight (take less damage)
- Ranger (escape more easily)
- Wizard (spells pack an extra punch)
- Merchant (save money on items)
- Cleric (restore health over time)
- Assassin (deal more damage)
- Noble (get an extra item when you land on the castle)

You will take turns rolling and traveling around the board, landing on different space types (note: if you land on another player you may attack them). The rulebook has a standard setup shown, but is customizable so that you can add, reduce, and mix up spaces for variety and replay-ability. The space types are:
- Monster (fight an NPC)
- Random Event (something happens)
- Shop (buy or attempt to steal items)
- Tavern (restore health)
- Castle (start here; get a gift from the King when you pass)
- Arena (battle another player as if you just landed on them)
- Bandit (pay to steal from another player)

The objective of the game is to defeat the other players in combat and earn points, with the first to reach the predetermined number declared the winner, or play last-man-standing in which the last player surviving is the winner and crowned Champion. Players may choose to team up if they wish, but can always end their truce at any time without notice.

When you land on another player you will have the option to attack and engage them in battle. In battle, you will take turns either rolling to attack or rolling in an attempt to flee, and may strategically utilize a wide variety of items and spells to gain the upper hand. Battle only ends when one player is defeated (their health drops to 0), or when someone rolls for a successful escape.

Items are purchased (or stolen) from the Shop. These include a huge variety of weapons, spells, trinkets, gear, consumables, and more. You don't have to show what items you have in your inventory unless it is actively equipped (like a weapon), so you never know what your opponent may have in store should you attack them and vice versa; Could be some paltry Moldy Boots and a Vegetable Stew, or an epic spell like Meteor Strike and a healing potion or two. Card-play is an integral part of Nooblings, and knowing when to play a certain card could mean the difference between victory or defeat.

On your quest to become champion, you will encounter a variety of dangerous monsters and may choose to either stand your ground and fight or attempt to run away. If you successfully defeat a monster you will receive loot (gold coins) which can be spent to purchase items, rest at the Tavern, and more.

Random Event cards are drawn and flipped over when you land on a Random Event space. Something will immediately happen. These could be good or bad, can affect one or multiple players, and sometimes you might have to make an important choice which could change the tide of the game.


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