Vaccine lab (2020)

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Карточная, Кубики, Медицина, Вечеринка
Кооператив, Карты на руках, Сбор предметов
Время игры
10 — 20 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 4
Возраст игроков

Описание «Vaccine lab»

Because people around the world are at risk from the virus, researchers turn to vaccine laboratories to develop vaccines.

Vaccine Lab is a dice, luck, risk, reasoning and co-op game for 2 to 4 players. Your goal is to show the actions of all players working together to develop a given vaccine. When luck comes, the pace of development gradually increases, and when bad luck comes, the goal cannot be achieved. When the turn comes, roll the dice to walk between luck and misfortune. Then he plays 1 card that affects all players.

You can draw or take a card depending on where you place it. This choice is watched by all players.

Can you develop a vaccine in an urgent situation where time is tight?

<Purpose of the game>
1. You need to develop a vaccine within the number of players +1 round.

<Game ready>
1. After shuffling the cards, all players draw 2 cards. The remaining cards are placed in a pile in the center of the table.
2. Starting with the first player, take 3 antivirus chips out of their pockets and cover them with their hands so that others cannot see them. If all players have their anti-virus chips side-by-side, put their hands away at the same time and reveal them to everyone. It is both a viral particle and a vaccine to be developed.
3. The cards in the pile are used to make 2 sectors. The sector puts 4 cards next to the pile. This place is called a laboratory.

  • Even if the order of the vaccine chips and cards is the same during the game preparation process, the vaccine was not developed, and it is successful only when the new card placed by the player has the same order of the cards in the lab.

4. Place the round chips next to the pile.
(Round Chip = Number of Players +1)

<Game play>
1. On your turn, roll the dice.
2. If the scale of the rolled dice is on the nearest card in the pile, turn it over.
3. Select 1 card from your hand and place 1 card at the end of the desired sector.
4. Make sure a vaccine has been developed.
5. If the order of the vaccine to be developed and the potion card between team members are the same, the vaccine for virus treatment has been successfully developed. Store successfully developed vaccines aside.
6. Place a card and draw a card from the front of the sector or from the pile. In this way, it preserves 4 cards per sector.
(Please push the cards toward the pile so the next player can place them.)

  • If you place a card and the card in front of the sector is turned over, remove the card and unconditionally draw a card from the pile.

7. At the end of the turn, the next player proceeds.

<Game ends>
1. Researcher wins if everyone succeeds in developing a vaccine after a +1 player number round. But if even one person fails to develop a vaccine, researchers are defeated.


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