Collection: Separate Collection (2017)

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Карточная, Обучающие, Вечеринка
Сбор предметов
Время игры
20 — 30 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 5
Возраст игроков

Описание «Collection: Separate Collection»

Did you know that there are rules about garbage disposal?
Collections are board games that connect natural flows while saving value and money by choosing and giving up opportunities in the process of exchange, collection, sale and resource conversion.

<Purpose of the game>
1. Let's collect recycling, separate collection, and save money.

<Game ready>
1. After shuffling the cards evenly, each player takes 5 cards and 3 tokens.
The remaining cards are placed in a deck in the middle of the table.

When it's your turn, you take 4 actions in turn. The choice of each situation has a great influence on future variables.

<Game play>
1. Card exchange (1 to 2 cards) or separate collection vehicle operation
Choose a player and trade cards. (1 or 2)
If no one wants to exchange, proceed to the next action.
Separate collection vehicles must be operated with the cards they are collecting.
When the car runs, everyone else discards the card from the collected cards.

2. Collection Card Resource Exchange
Cards collected in the previous round can be exchanged for tokens.
(Cards played in this round can be sold after 1 turn.)

3. Card collection (up to 3 types)
You can collect up to 3 types of sorting bins.
What you collect can be sold in the next round.
If you have a disposable recycling bin card, you can collect up to 4 cards.

4. Card replenishment (5 sheets stored)
Fill in the cards used in the deck.
When your turn is over, you must have 5 cards in your hand.

5. If you have executed the actions in order, the turn is passed to the next person.

-When you want to discard a card you are collecting, you pay 2 tokens to the bank for a penalty of unauthorized speculation and discard 1 type of card you choose.
(Cards in your hand cannot be discarded.)

-If you are holding a disposable bin, you can collect additional cards of different types.
After the collection is over, when you sell the cards you are collecting in this bin, you will also discard the disposable recycling bin card.

<Game ends>
1. When someone draws the last card of the deck in the center of the table, the game ends by progressing one by one starting with the next player. Collect all the cards in your hand by type and exchange 3 or more cards for tokens. If you have a garbage truck, you can get 1 token per card. The player with the highest total token score wins.