Ghost Hunters (2020)

Keir Williams
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Время игры
6 — 30 мин
Количество игроков
1 — 4
Возраст игроков

Описание «Ghost Hunters»

You and your friends have decided to go explore the haunted house at the end of the street. Armed with nothing but some modified flashlights, can you keep the ghosts at bay?

Blinks will begin in the level select phase, where each Blink will show the level currently selected by the number of faces illuminated (level 1-6).
Arrange your blinks in any configuration to be the mansion floor and single click any Blink to toggle through the level options.
Once you’ve selected a level, each player should remove a Blink from the mansion floor and double click it to turn it into a gadget. Then to begin play, double click any Blink connected to the mansion floor.
At any point you may triple click a mansion blink to return to the level selection. Make sure to always have your gadget pieces attached to the rest of the board when switching between the play phase and the level selection phase as gadgets will have different weapons assigned depending on the level you are currently playing.

During gameplay, you must blast ghostly apparitions with your flashlight gadget and stop them from overtaking the mansion.
To zap an apparition, touch your gadget to any exposed side of the mansion. A beam of energy will automatically shoot out of your gadget in a straight line into the mansion, destroying any spirits in its path.
Your gadget has 3 different weapon functions. To switch between weapons, single click your weapon Blink.
There are four types of apparitions that may appear depending on the level you selected, and each one can only be killed by a specific weapon on your gadget. The apparations and their weaknesses are:

Ghosts appear WHITE and are killed by the Flashlight (WHITE)

Ghouls; appear RED and are killed by the Laser (RED)

Poltergeists; appear BLUE and are killed by the GeistLight (BLUE)

Goblins; appear GREEN and are killed by being hit with the Flashlight and the Laser at the same time (WHITE and RED)
Each apparition takes a small amount of time to materialize into the mortal plane. Make sure to zap the ghosts before they fully materialize, or the mansion will be lost.

If an apparition fully materializes in this plane before you zap it, the mansion will become irreparably infested with demons and you will have lost. However, if you are able to ward off spirits for a whole minute then the house will be cleansed and glow with a holy yellow light.
You may then double-click any Blink to return to level select, and pick a new level to battle the ghosts again.