Go and Stop: Unplugged (2016)

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Время игры
20 — 30 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 4
Возраст игроков

Описание «Go and Stop: Unplugged»

Agents scouting the computer city want to do a final system check before returning.

It detects the treasure signal, finds the error, and decides to come to the control room for debugging so that the system can operate normally.

  • How do you get your computer to work?

When we have the information we are curious about or want, the computer shows the results as we command them.
Computers do not do things based on their own judgment, but do things in order by human commands.
If the value of the path is wrong, it can be modified again.

  • The programmer gives the computer the correct command to do the job.
  • The computer (programmer) listens to the programmer's instructions and does the same.
  • Debugging corrects misuse or reprogramming.

<Purpose of the game>
1. Build teamwork and get 3 treasures quickly, starting with the enemy team.

<Game ready>
1. Spread the board and place the treasure tiles in your pocket and mix well.
2. Team up in pairs and pick up a pen.

  • Two-player play: One player plays the program and the other plays the programmer role.
  • 4 player: 2vs2 team member structure, one player in the team takes on the role of the program and the other is the programmer.
<Game play>
1. The player in charge of the program holds the pen in the starting position (pear) and closes his eyes.
The programmer takes the treasure out of his pocket and checks his location.
2. The programmer gives instructions, and the program follows the instructions and draws a path with a pen. You can command up to 3 times, and you can only shout direction and Go, Stop.
3. Put a clockwise direction in front of Go to tell the computer the direction.
ex) Direction (★ Hour) + Go + Stop
4. If the computer is hit by an island, whale, or shark while running, the programmer stops the command and clears the path.
  • Correcting errors due to errors is called debugging.

5. When you find a clue, you switch roles.

<Game ends>
1. The game ends when one team gets 3 clues, and the team that gets 3 first wins.