Kingdom of Cards (2020)

Ryan Wilson
Карточная, Средневековые
Карты на руках, Атака игроков
Время игры
15 — 35 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 4
Возраст игроков

Описание «Kingdom of Cards»

The year is 630 AD, Medieval times. You need to attack other kingdoms and have the kneel before you while defending your own from enemy attacks. Recruit brave knights and assassins to crush your enemies. Get priests and peasants into your kingdom to expand faster. But don't lose your king or your kingdom will crumble before your very eyes.

At the start of the game, each player starts with a king card in their hand. If you lose your king card you are out of the game. You have to play cards to force others to lose their king. Some cards may help you to gain cards and other cards may be used to deplete your opponents cards.

Certain types of cards can be used to battle against other people. You can use Horsemen, Knights, Guards, Squires and even Peasants to attack and defend your kingdom. If you play enough cards, your opponent will have to discard 3 cards. Other players can join in the battle by playing their battle cards during a battle onto either player's side.

Envoy cards like the assassin, thief, imposter, baron and strategist have effects that involve taking a random card from an opponent’s hand. If you choose the right card you get a good effect. Barons and strategists have good effects for both players. assassins, thieves and imposters have negative effects for the other player. Your opponent won't know what card you used until you take one of their cards. But they can chose the guard against you if you want to play and envoy card. By playing guards, they can check cards in your hand for assassins, thieves and imposters. But if they check your barons or strategists, they will have to discard their guards.

You have to convince your opponent not to guard against you in order to play assassins, thieves and imposters or you can trick them into guarding against your barons or strategists to make them lose their guards.

By having power points, you can expand your kingdoms even faster. For every 5 power points you have at the start of your turn, you can draw an extra card. Power points allow you to gain cards faster quickly turning you into a dominating force. Cards like Peasants, Priests, Princesses and Princes will give you power points.

When all the players have lost their king cards the last player left is the winner!