Koala Kraze (2022)

Sofia Bucovsky, Luca Bucovsky, Adrian Bucovsky
Животные, Карточная, Детская
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Время игры
5 — 25 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 8
Возраст игроков

Описание «Koala Kraze»

Use the powers of your koalas to get rid of your cards first to win! Invented by Sofia and Luca, two siblings under 10 who mostly get along.

Get everyone to the table! Koala Kraze is for 2-8 players ages 6 and up, and you'll learn to play in 2 minutes. The game's 100 cards fit in a small box, so you can take it with you anywhere you go!

We commissioned some amazing hand-painted koalas just for this game, and their personalities burst through the cards!

Ready for Extreme mode? Start with the Junior mode to keep it simpler for younger kids, or try Extreme mode for older kids and adults!

Koala Kraze is a family-friendly game where the goal is to use your Koala Friends to discard all your cards first. If you've played Uno, Crazy Eights, or any other card-shedding game, you already know how to play!

Shuffle the deck, deal some cards out, and you're ready to play! Each turn, you'll play a Number card or a Koala card. Number cards can be played if they're one above or one below the Number card on the discard pile. If a Koala card's on top, play any number card you like! Each Koala card has a special power to help you play or discard more cards. Use the Burglar to switch hands with another player, or play the Big Boss to make a player discard a Koala card.

You can play two modes with the same cards. The simpler 'Junior' version is all about getting rid of your cards first, which is great for younger kids. A game like this is great for teaching colors and numbers, or for recognizing colors and numbers as the game gets fast!

If playing with older kids or adults, the 'Extreme' version adds a bit more challenge while keeping the core gameplay the same. As you play, pay attention to the scoring icons which say 'plus' or 'minus'. Sometimes the card you want to play will cost you points, so be careful! Some Koalas (like the Disk Jockey) will help discard those cards so they won't hurt your score, and a waypoint system ensures you can't go below certain milestones once you've achieved them.


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