Les Trois Portails (2020)

Lionel Liron
Фэнтези, Средневековые, Распечатай и играй, Варгейм
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Описание «Les Trois Portails»

LES TROIS PORTAILS is a game of medium complexity, a wargame in which you are the hero! It allows you to relive the epic of the Land of Alhandra, more exactly, the invasion of the chaos it undergoes by opening 3 magic portals.

With a 16-page booklet of illustrated rules and scenario add-ons, a system inspired by that of ARS BELLUM, but introducing characters, magic, objects, flyers and monsters, it is fully immersed in the Heroic-Fantasy world.

The Land of Alhandra is made up of ancient races (men, greenhorns, dwarves, elves) who are experiencing the rebirth of the forces of Darkness, embodied by the Lich King Alach Zhur, and the invasion of chaos.

The player delivers the battles of the scenarios on A4 cards (A3 later) that make up "The Great Campaign" (the story of the invasion of chaos).

The game is played in pairs, one game lasts about 1 to 2 hours. You can choose to embody one side or the other (Darkness or Empire), or alternate roles. Each scenario is independent and constitutes a small battle, but it is also a stage in the story that is told to you.

The units (leaders or combat units) have a movement and combat capability (possibly including firepower) and represent 500 to 1000 or 2000 men, a dozen or twenty monsters, an illustrious character or hero.

The system is based on the initiative conquered by players following a die roll and the impact of leaders and/or other modifiers in the scenario. Scenario speed and ease of understanding are favored. The player starts with basic units, he enriches his pool as the scenario progresses with other units, additional spells and characters.

In THE THREE PORTALS, the system is based on the skills of the units that bring the player's character or armies, and on the development of his main character or armies.

The basic module of the game gives the essential rules and the scenarios are the preamble of the story; the extensions are groupings of scenarios around one or more new features (new race, new characters, additions of objects or various attributes).
A general map in the basic module will be completed as the game progresses.

Usually, extensions include 4 additional battles, a counter board, additional maps, items, spells, the author works on additional locations.

The rulebook
16 pages of illustrated rules, simple concepts and fun play system effectively allowing the simulation of historical dimension of battles.