Master of War Trading card game (2022)

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Описание «Master of War Trading card game»

Master of War is a trading card game where your goal is to defend your Master of War and defeat the opponent one's by reducing their War point to 0 using your Soldier and War Weapon cards.

• 100 cards, enough to build two different decks and play with a friend
• The complete rule book

You need two players to play this game. Each player also needs a Master of War card, a Divine card, and a deck of 40 to 50 cards (compose of Soldier and War Weapon cards). You can have the same Soldier or War Weapon cards three times in a deck.
Players need to choose who goes first before starting the game
(ex; roll a dice) and then shuffle their deck.
When this is done, each player must place their Master of War (face up) and Divine card (face down) on the terrain.

- PHASE 1: Each player draws five cards at the start of a game. At your next turn, you draw one card unless you already got
five in your hand.
- PHASE 2: You then place your Soldier and War Weapon cards on the terrain.
- PHASE 3: In this phase, you can attack with Soldier, use War Weapon or use your Master of War or Divine card effect.
You cannot do any of this in the very first turn of the game.
- PHASE 4: End your turn. It’s now the opponent’s turn and after that, you restart at phase 1.



This card represents the total amount of War Point you have for the game. Each Master of war is different with a unique stat and effect. This card is always placed face up before starting the game.
Functions in general
This card cannot attack other Soldier cards unless you have no more Soldier left. This card can attack an opponent Master of War directly if the following conditions are met: no Soldier in the enemy field and you have no Soldier card left. This card can use its unique effect during your phase three (or another phase depending of the effect description). A player loses the game when this card War Point reaches 0.


This card is used to turn the tide of a game with a one-time-only effect. This card is always placed face down before starting the game.
Functions in general
The Divine card cannot be attacked but can be affected by other card effect. This card can never be destroyed, but can only be used once. The Divine card has no stats, only a unique effect. When used, the card becomes face up.


The Soldier card is the main way of protecting your Master of War and attacking enemy Soldier or Master of War. Soldier work in pair with War Weapon card most of the time. This card is always placed face up.
Functions in general
This card can attack enemy Soldier cards with their power and defend against them with their resistance stat. It’s the same thing against a Master of War. Soldier work with class effect. Each class has a unique effect, but it’s the same across the class (meaning two different Soldier with the Warrior class will have the same effect, but not the same stat). When a Soldier is destroyed, your Master of War loses the amount of War Point the card had originally. Also, when a Soldier card is destroyed, it goes to the graveyard.


War Weapon have different kind of effects. This card is always placed face down until activation
Functions in general
This card can be used during your phase 3 (or another phase if stated otherwise). You can place up to five of them on the same turn. War Weapon end in the graveyard when used/no longer usable or if equipped on a Soldier that ends in the graveyard. This card come in three different types (equipment / turn-based/ instant effect).


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