Описание «Middara: Pirates of Elenia»

Heists, piracy, and chasing legends. Pirates of Elenia is the first Adventure Pack for Middara: Unintentional Malum.

Adventure Packs are shorter tales that fill in the gaps of the stories from our Base Games. They represent all the stories happening behind the scenes. Each one plays a small part in the overall pictures of our narrative and world. They help to explain not only possible holes in the plot, but also to tie up events that transpire in other products.

While smaller than Adventure Expansions, Adventure Packs contain a significant amount of content. Each one is laden with new miniatures, new Items, new Crawl Mode content, and all the over the top value that you can expect from Succubus Publishing.

What makes our Adventure Packs extra special is their optional rules that can augment the stories that they’re complementing. This comes in the form of new variants for monsters that already exist, new Adventurers for the Crawl Mode, new tiles that expand existing sets, and new Items that can be added to the store and used in our base products.

Adventure Packs use brand new flags that augment other Adventures and they also reference flags used in other Adventures. They’re designed to be played in a chronological order though they can still be played in any order. Pirates of Elenia for example is designed to be played anytime after you’ve finished Chapter 3 of Unintentional Malum.

Pirates of Elenia, Vol. 1 is an Adventure Pack designed for 1-4 players.

Over 15 encounters, more than 20 new miniatures, and a plethora of new items, monsters, and more!

Pirates of Elenia has a whopping 100k+ word narrative, Flags that propagate into UM2 and 3, as well as connections to larger narratives at play!

Requires Unintentional Malum: Act 1 to play.

Story Synopsis:

The Index Phage

Despite the abomination’s presence in all the stories, the legend of The Index Phage had always been more of a wives tale than a real threat to the people of Middara. Even so, widespread rumors pegged this creature as the cause behind the horrible incurable illness called the Blight. This horrific disease had spread all across Elenia like a plague, so to Kajax and his crew, it only made sense that the citizens of Middara would tell themselves tall tales that give themselves hope.
As the legend went, all you had to do was kill The Index Phage and you’d cure the curse of the Blight.

But it was all too convenient, and Kajax knew that they’d be lucky if this monster even existed at all. But the wealth put forth by the richest aristocracies in a desperate attempt at finding a cure was all too real. With a concerning distress call coming in from Hyde, the Arsen family had finally had enough. With all other avenues already exhausted, it was time to chase legends and try the absurd.


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