Money Smart (2022)

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Детская, Экономика, Обучающие, Математика
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Время игры
30 — 240 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 6
Возраст игроков

Описание «Money Smart»

A fun game, that can also teach taking risks and investing. It helps develop an investor mindset. Made with focus on fun, life realities. It has a more modern investing approach, with focus on Bitcoin, startups, Apps, stocks ...

The game is optimized for 2-4 players (even though it is possible to have more players),


The game follow the classical board game mechanism, the player throws the dice and advances to the correct slot on the board.
The game is played counter-clock wise, and has 3 user types, a player needs to pay to switch to the other type. Upon every end of round the player collects money based on the type (and or investments).
Based on the slot you land on, multiple scenarios are possible. these Scenarios simulate life.
- Work : makes you lose a round. (to simulate the time we lose working for others)
- Life : You get to spin an arrow attached to the board, where you land on one of life's surprises.
- Deals : You get to withdraw the deals card, and invest (only possible for business and investor)
- Choices: You get a choices card and based on the answer fill the zen card (helps detect the player's nature).
- Stocks and bitcoin: quick risk taking action, with rewards based on dice value.
- Sabotage: You get to sabotage another player (details in the rules).
- Bills: You need to pay ...
- Other important slots: Taxes, Debt, Insurance, give an even extra realistic level to the game.
- Rules get all these elements interacting in a harmonious and homogeneous way, to make sure that not only luck is the deciding factor for winning.

Winning condition:

There are different game settings, to allow the game to be played for different periods of time.
Thus winning conditions also vary.

- In timed games: after the timer signals the end of game, the winner, is the user with most:
option 1) Cash Money (for simpler game - or younger players)
option 2) Recurring revenue

- None timed games:
+ Elimination game: you play till all players except 1 are eliminated. Elimination is triggered by not being able to pay debt or taxes. (simulating bankruptcy)

+ Goal set games:
option 1) First player to reach X amount in cash money (50k, 100k, 500k etc ...)
option 2) First player to reach X amount in recurring revenue (10k, 20k, 50k etc ...)

-description from publisher


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