Описание «Nova Aetas Renaissance: Catacombs»

Catacombs take Nova Aetas: Renaissance's gameplay experience to a new level by transforming it into a true Dungeon Crawler.

As you know Nova Aetas: Renaissance is a tactical RPG, where the Missions are real cooperative clashes with precisely written objectives to be met in order to achieve victory.

With Catacombs the game system will be adapted to live adventures in pure dungeon crawler style, with our Heroes busy exploring sites buried for centuries and now inhabited by creepy creatures.

Catacomb will offer players a new mini secondary campaign (3 Missions), which can be undertaken when, at any point in the main campaign, the Heroes are in Rome.

You will have the opportunity to explore the Domus Aurea, the ancient home of Emperor Nero, now buried for centuries. Entering its corridors in search of riches, you will have to face Nero himself (well at least what remains of him) and his horde of undead constructs, awakened by a dark primordial force, and ready to invade the city sowing terror and destruction!

But the potential of Catacomb does not end there! Since the vestiges of the Roman Empire are found everywhere in Italy, you can throw yourself into the exploration of other catacombs in any city that has the keyword "Catacomb", and face always different dungeons created with a simple procedural system.

The really super thing about this mode will be that you will also be able to meet other factions of Enemies within the Catacomb, representing other groups of tomb raiders, who descended into the dungeon with the same intentions as you!

Whenever you want, you can take a break from the normal Nova Aetas: Renaissance Missions and spend an evening in dungeon crawler style, throwing yourself into the Catacombs in search of loot!

Plus, Catacomb is perfect if you want to play Nova Aetas: Renaissance one-shot games without worrying too much about having to keep track of the Mission for the future!

Descending into the catacombs will give you a completely different gaming experience from the base game and will reward you with special loot cards and new recipes for creating powerful special items.

But you will not be alone in facing the hordes of undead legionaries, a new Hero: Luca "Skavino" will join your group and guide you through the maze of dungeons with his skills and taking advantage of the many relics of the past that he found in his underground forays!

A survival expert, and ever resourceful, Luca will be a very different Hero from the others and will use a special Relic Deck to help his companions or easily eliminate Enemies! Obviously, it can be used in any Mission and not just inside the Catacomb.

What are you waiting for then? Prepare ropes and torches ... the Catacombs await you!