Quodd Heroes (2nd Edition) (2023)

Ryan Iler, Kamila Szutenberg
Приключения, Исследование, Фэнтези, Сражения, Миниатюры, Пазл, Компьютерная игра
Кооператив, События, Доставка, Гонка, Атака игроков
Время игры
40 — 90 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 6
Возраст игроков

Описание «Quodd Heroes (2nd Edition)»


You are a cube-shaped hero in a dangerous, sometimes chaotic, but always fun-filled world. Choose a scenario, gather your friends, select your Heroes and prepare yourselves for loads of fast-paced adventure!

In order to move around the board, a Quodd must tumble! Tumbling activates one of five upgradable movement skills, or your Q skill (is it Q-Power?) based on the side of your Hero that is facing up after you tumble. While moving, you'll be interacting with special board obstacles and tiles like raging rivers, springs, teleporters, dangerous pits, and of course your opponents (or teammates). But don't worry... I'm sure your friends always have your best interests at heart.

Along your journey, be sure to collect the crystals you find on the board. They'll activate special abilities unique to your Hero, but be careful—other Heroes can steal the crystals you’re carrying! During your turn you will also discover food, runes and other useful stuff to enhance your natural abilities, modify the board, and slow down your opponents.

Out in the world you’ll also occasionally find secrets, usually hidden away in difficult to reach places, but always worth the journey as they often contain game-changing advantages for your Hero. A Hero who slows down by activating their Q will also discover the secrets of the world which are available only to those who look for them.

At the end of your turn you will read an event card out loud. Event cards affect all players, but don’t panic, usually nothing bad happens… and sometimes they’ll even invite you to upgrade your Hero!


The game includes beautiful miniatures, exceptional components, and eight beautifully illustrated, infinitely-replayable scenario maps, each offering a fun new challenge. Scenarios include races, Rallies, pick-up-and-deliver challenges, and team games like capture the crystal, sheep soccer and more!

On top of all that, the Quodd Heroes game system is truly a sandbox and lends itself to quick and easy building of your own home-crafted scenarios—the sky's the limit!

What’s New in 2nd Edition

- Vastly improved, professionally written and edited rulebook, with more example images, an index, and quick reference for frequent rules questions

- Streamlined player experience with more intuitive upgrade system, player board design
- New Q-Powers and Crystal Powers create a more thematically immersive, and unique feel to each Hero.
- Reworked turn structure and event system remove the feeling of uncontrolled chaos and being “beat by the game” that some players had issues with in 1st Edition while still maintaining the feeling of an ever-changing environment.
- Game ships with an organizer for fast setup
- Reduced component count keeps setup and cleanup to a minimum.
- Improved visual and usability design across almost every component in the game.
- Hero cubes and painted miniatures replace the unpainted minis from First Edition for a more intuitive player experience.
- A scenario book with durable, high quality fold out maps greatly improves setup time, and scenario quality, compared to the fully modular boards in 1st Edition.
- There’s so much more, too!

Quodd Heroes 2nd Edition is truly a must-experience game!


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