Risky Deals (2020)

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Бросание кубиков, Рыночная спекуляция
Время игры
30 — 90 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 6
Возраст игроков

Описание «Risky Deals»

The aim of the game is for the players to increase their wealth in the game. The initial money received from the bank, can be invested in stock or one of the 4 companies, with the aim of turning a profit. The winner is the player that had the highest profit throughout.

There are three types of stock in which the players can invest. The three types can be differentiated through the level of Risk/Reward.

There are 4 companies which can be bought by the players. The owners of the companies will earn income from the other players or the bank.

The game is played with two dice. The result of every throw determines the wins and losses. The gains and losses are decided by the value of the dice and the P&L board.

How the P&L board works.

If for example your dice score is 5, you will receive from the bank 600 dollars for each orange share you own, pay to the bank 400 dollars for each green share you own and receive 1000 dollars for each blue share you own. Also you will have to play 2500 dollars to the owner of West Diamond Mining.

If your dice score is 6,7 or 8, beside the gains or losses on the shares you own you also receive from the bank 2500 dollars for each company you own and must invest in a High Risk Deal anything between 2000 dollars and your total worth.

After deciding the amount to be invested in the risky deal you will roll again the dice and If your score is 7 or higher you win twice the amount invested. If the score is lower than 7 you lose half of the invested money.

Risky Deals are very important in the game as it often change the leaders and set the game winners. A player that goes ALL IN in a Risky Deal can triple his or her worth, while only risking to lose half of it.

The players may decide how many rounds a game will last. A 10 rounds game with 4 players lasts about 80 minutes.