Subbuteo Shuffle Card Game (2016)

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Карточная, Спорт
Драфт карт
Время игры
~15 мин
Количество игроков
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Описание «Subbuteo Shuffle Card Game»

Subbuteo Shuffle Card Game

  • Pass the ball from player to player by matching the balls on the cards, then shoot for goal!
The first team to score three goals wins
  • Includes 45 Player Cards, 6 Goalie Cards and 1 Coin Card
1. Pick up your four Players.
2. Work out how many Players you can play in a horizontal line (your ‘pass line’) on the table in front of you. (You can only play a card if the ball on it matches the position(s) of the ball(s) on the card(s) next to it ) when two Player cards are played next to each other, they make a complete ball..
3. If you can play one, two or three Players to start your pass line, do that. If you’re able to play all four Players, only play three onto the table and skip to the Shoot for Goal!
4. At the end of your turn, pick up new cards from your Players pile so that you’re holding four again. Play switches to the other team. Continue taking turns until you can play your fifth Player card into your pass line, It’s time to Shoot for Goal!
You can play all four of your Players on your first turn, OR if you can play a fifth Player on a later turn, it’s time to Shoot for Goal. Choose which Player you’re going to use to shoot for a goal.
The Opposing team: Look at your opponent’s pass line and work out where you think the ball might go next. Choose which of your Goalies you think will save the shot!
Both teams: Play your chosen cards onto the pass line at the same time.
Did your goalie save the ball?
    • Yes! Give the Goalie back to your opponent and remove your last two Players from the pass line. Put your two Players to the bottom of your pile. Play switches to the other team.
    • No! GOOOAAAL! Remove all cards that have been played by both teams and put them to the bottom of your Player piles.

Start playing again, with four new Players each, The team that let the goal in takes the first turn.
Then there are special moves Tackling, Substitutions and Passing Back.

The winner of the game is first player to score 3 goals.