UA: Bravery Time (2022)

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Карточная, Вечеринка, Политика, Варгейм
Кооператив, Имитация событий
Время игры
20 — 60 мин
Количество игроков
1 — 7
Возраст игроков

Описание «UA: Bravery Time»

Find a solution even in a hopeless situation!

In UA: Bravery Time, you and your teammates take control of Ukraine and must win the war together. This is a cooperative game where the team either wins or loses together.
The task is to complete all civil needs and liberate the territories from occupation. Build effective interaction with each other to achieve better results.

How to play

Each game turn is a week consisting of 7 days. The move includes four stages that follow each other in sequence.

Stage «Selection of cards»
At this stage, each player receives new cards.

Stage «Planning»
In the second stage, players must plan their game week - place the cards in a row in front of them. Each card takes as long as indicated in the upper left corner of the card. Cards that are not included in the plan cannot be used in the stage «Player Actions».

Choice of a strategy and search for optimal solutions

Players can actively help each other by exchanging cards to optimize the overall plan. Only active communication and cooperation will allow you to succeed in the game.

Great scope for communication and interaction

Stage "Enemy Actions"

Cards are drawn from the enemy's action deck, as a result of which players receive new challenges and may lose their territories.

Command challenge. Your rival is a game

Stage «Player Actions»

Players use actions that they have previously planned to help the people of Ukraine, counter enemy actions, and liberate territories.

Room for strategic and tactical planning

Territories map
The game takes place in the territory of Ukraine, where there is a war. The liberation of these territories (turn over to the freed side) is one of the main tasks of the game.

The role of cards in the game

The game cards display the tasks that the people of Ukraine face on their way to victory. You and your team receive cards from which you need to make an optimal action plan for the current move. In all combinations, the cards affect each other in a unique way.

In UA: Bravery time, each game card is an action. There are four types of cards in the deck:

Civil need cards are the actions that need to be completed to win the game. They have two subtypes - ordinary and urgent.

People’s actions - help from the people of Ukraine (game bonuses). They are helpful to simplify other actions.

Military actions - cards that allow you to defend and liberate territories.

Enemy actions. Some of them are enemy attacks due to which you can lose territories. Others are additional problems that complicate the game.


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