Volcano Dice Game (2022)

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Бросание кубиков, Выбывание игрока
Время игры
10 — 20 мин
Количество игроков
2 — 6
Возраст игроков

Описание «Volcano Dice Game»

For this dice game you will need 6 dice and three chips or tokens for each player. You don’t even need a paper and pen to keep score.

Lucky Charm
First, everyone picks a number to be their lucky charm. It is okay for more than one player to have the same lucky charm number. Once the number has been picked, it stays the same for the whole game. Next, the first player rolls all six dice trying to roll a 6. If he is successful, the dice with 6 on it is set to the side and play moves on to the next player. Instead of rolling a 6 a player can also use more than one dice to add up to the number. For example, if rolling for a six and no six was rolled but a 4 and a 2 were rolled they can be used to add up to six. In this case, both the 4 and 2 dice are set aside. Next, the player on the left rolls the remaining dice to try to roll a 5. Play keeps going in this fashion until 1 is reached. If 1 has been reached and rolled, then play starts over at 6 with the next player.

Missing the Mark
On the other hand, if a player does not roll the number that she is trying for and can not add any dice to make the number, she is in jeopardy. She is standing on the edge of the volcano, waiting to see if she will survive or be sacrificed. She has one turn to roll the same dice that she just rolled and try to get her lucky charm number. If she rolls her lucky charm, she is safe. Play starts over at six with all six dice with the next player. If she doesn’t roll her lucky charm then she is sacrificed and thrown into the volcano. She loses one of her chips. Play starts over with all six dice and then next player.

When a player loses all of his chips, then he is out of the game.
Play continues until all the players but one have run out of chips. This last player is safe. The Volcano Powers are satisfied with the sacrifices. This player is the winner.


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